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Atlex Stockyards - Professional, Progressive and Innovative. Over 30 years’ experience and commitment to making your Stockwork Quicker, Easier and Safer….

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Atlex Stockyards was established by Ian and Jeanette Crafter on their family property, "Miandetta", near Horsham, Victoria, in 1984. Even back then, Ian established a reputation for his customised sheepyard designs, after designing and manufacturing a set for his own sheep enterprise.


Ian Crafter

Managing Director/Principal Designer


Atlex Stockyards rapidly expanded with design consultancy, manufacturing and constructing of prefabricated steel sheepyards and cattleyards.

Emphasis has always been on the benefits of well designed, flexible yarding systems and solutions which minimise labour requirements and make stock work QUICKER, EASIER and SAFER for both the stock and the people involved.

In August 1994, Atlex Stockyards expanded to Dubbo, New South Wales, to allow for a more centralised design, service and distribution network. In August 1996, Atlex expanded to Belmont in Perth to better service the Western Australian region.

As with most progressive and profitable companies, the Management of Atlex Stockyards firmly believe that our greatest asset is our dedicated and committed team of staff. We provide all staff with adequate training, planning, motivation and control, necessary to ensure mutual satisfaction and success for both customers and staff.

Atlex Stockyards has sound experience in designing stockhandling solutions for the grazier. No one has more experience then Ian Crafter with over 30 years of industry knowledge plus prior experience on his own property and jackerooing, he has seen every problem and solution. We have so many happy customers that we are glad to give you the details of some near you. Go to the clients testimonials to hear rave reviews from someone you probably know!

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