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With high commodity prices, low interest rates and generous Government tax incentives there is no better time than the present to upgrade to a set of Atlex Sheep or Cattle yards!

This was the sentiment shared by John Watt when he decided to make the investment in an upgrade to his existing yards on his property “Kubanie”, near Penshurst.

Atlex Stockyards are a professional and innovative company specialising in On Property, Robotic Site Survey and Computer Aided Design, Australia wide since 1984.

By taking advantage of the Atlex On Property Design Service, John was able to upgrade his sheepyards whilst incorporating existing features, creating a well-designed set of yards that are quicker, easier and safer.

Atlex Stockyards are committed to backing up their service with a follow up visit. Recently Atlex’s Hamilton based designer, Tom Austin, met with John on site to inspect the completed yards in a working situation.

“My old sheep yards were outdated and unsafe”, commented John.

“We are thrilled to bits and think the new yards are wonderful!”

John demonstrated how easily he could singlehandedly draft 200 wethers with no stress and no dog required!

“I put the efficiency of the draft down to the fact that the decision making at the draft is enhanced by the ability to narrow the drafting race by allowing a single flow approach”.

“With big crossbred sheep the height of the yards has been ideal. Not one animal has been injured or cleared the block gate at the end of the race. The Hawker Tip Swing gate, with its vertical uprights, has stopped any broken legs and when wet and drying ewes through the double race you are able to draft both races with minimal hassle.” John said.

Whether you are thinking of a complete new yard design or a yard renovation, the Atlex On Property Design Service is the key to creating the most cost effective, custom designed stockyards. Through an On Property visit, the Atlex Stockyard Designer will survey the site to millimetre accuracy using robotic survey technology, discuss your stockyard needs, appraise the best direction of flow and using the Temple Grandin animal psychology principles, design the best livestock solution for you.

As we strive to maximise profit through increased measuring, monitoring and management of our livestock, the need for well designed, efficient stockyards is ever increasing. By investing in an Atlex stockyard now not only gives you the upfront immediate tax concessions but also the benefit of an improved livestock handling solution that will make stock work quicker, easier and safer for many years to come.

With over 31 years’ experience designing yards in the sheep and cattle industry, Atlex continue to lead the market through its award winning designs and innovations.

Come and visit Atlex Designer Tom Austin at 2015 Sheepvention, Site 288 on the Oval Walk or call 1800 805 292 to arrange a time to inspect the Atlex Demonstration site at Elfin, Coleraine.


Click on the link below to view video footage:

John Watt Sheepyards

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