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Sheep and beef cattle farming rebate Special promotion – for limited time only. Get up to $2000 to help your business be smarter and safer.

Who can claim?
Sheep and beef cattle farmers in NSW – you can claim up to $2000 if you are a sole trader or employ 50 or fewer employees, and sheep or beef cattle farming is your main business.

How do I claim?
Step 1 – Select and implement an eligible safety solution from page 2.
Step 2 – Complete and sign the application form on page 3.
Step 3 – Send your application form, with tax invoice or receipt, to WorkCover NSW.
(Tax invoice, receipt or proof of purchase must be from a registered business, and state supplier’s name, address, ABN/ACN/BRN, payment date, cost, and description of product or work undertaken).

Need more information?

Call 13 10 50 or email safetyrebate@workcover.nsw.gov.au or go to the website by clicking on this link: WorkCover Rebate.

To qualify for a rebate, items must be purchased between 1 October 2013 and 30th April 2014.

Rebates do not cover GST, freight or insurance, second-hand items or repairs/service.

Rebate applications must be lodged by 30th April 2014.

Working safely with livestock

  • Yard or pen systems or improvements, including pen doors, drafting gates, races and runs
  • Animal restraint or handling equipment, device or crush
  • Shearing back harness, fixing points for shearing back harness
  • Animal loading/unloading ramps with hand-rail system
  • Installation of hand-rail system to side of animal loading/unloading ramps
  • Lifting devices – eg tailgate lifter
  • Fall protection rail system and segregation/sliding gates for livestock transport vehicles
  • Non-slip floor treatment or waterproofing of yards
  • Surface treatment machinery, including pressure-water cleaning equipment
  • Drainage system to prevent or alleviate slippery surfaces and water pooling in yards
  • Chemical/dangerous goods storage cabinets or wire mesh secure partitioning
  • Chemical bunding or spills containment system

Working safely with tractors

  • Rollover protective structures (ROPs)
  • Runover prevention solutions eg side access steps and platforms
  • Power take off (PTO) guards for tractor attachments

Reducing exposure to sun and noise

  • Sun shade protection over yard or pen systems
  • Sound absorbent surface/film, barriers or screens to block direct path of sound
  • Enclosures, door seals, or sound proof covers around noise sources
  • Vibration isolation mountings and impact absorbers, with anchor brackets and tie-downs
  • Acoustic silencers or mufflers for intake or exhaust systems
  • Fitting of mufflers or silencers, silencers for air tools
  • Personal hearing protectors, such as ear muffs or ear plugs
  • Signage or labeling to inform noise levels and protection required

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