Building Cattle Yards: On-Property Designs in Australia

Atlex developed the concept and specialise in customised, on-property sheep and cattleyard site survey and design…

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The On-Property Design service is particularly beneficial when incorporating existing features into a new yard design or yard renovations such as sheds, fence lines, trees, dips, roads, holding yards and loading facilities.

Whether it is Naracoorte in South Australia, Tambellup in Western Australia, Lake Bolac in Victoria, Wellington in NSW or Cunnamulla in Queensland, we will travel Australia wide to provide you with a customised cattle handling facility.

Don’t risk getting your yard design wrong. If it is wrong now, it will be wrong for a lifetime, and that is hard work for you for 40-50 years. Leave your horror stories behind in your last set of yards. Your new Atlex cattleyards are designed to suit you to make your cattle work quicker, easier and safer.

We specialise in custom designing cattleyards with flexibility and working within your budget, which are our priorities, all while ensuring your new cattleyards make cattle work quicker, easier & safer. By taking advantage of our On-Property Design Service, you will be able to appreciate the benefits of custom design when incorporating existing features into a new cattleyard design or yard renovation.

When Atlex Stockyards do an ON-PROPERTY DESIGN for you we will:

  • TRAVEL to your property.
  • Use our TOTAL BASE STATION (Robotic Theodolite) to survey your site (to an accuracy of 1mm, but for the purposes of the survey it may be 5mm) and DISCUSS WITH YOU all your requirements.
  • Design a complete, accurate, COMPUTER AIDED two dimensional design drawn to scale which gives you flexibility for quick editing to assess many different design options.
  • Combine TEMPLE GRANDIN (Phd) DESIGN PRINCIPLES with our Atlex designs, which are regularly peer reviewed between Temple Grandin herself and Ian Crafter. Temple Grandin is a world authority on animal psychology from America.
  • Appraise the best direction of flow using all the ATLEX ANIMAL PSYCHOLOGY PRINCIPLES. This is CRITICAL to the SUCCESS of the yard design.
  • Incorporate any EXISTING FEATURES such as sheds, trees, dips, roads, fence lines or holding yards to make the project more COST EFFECTIVE.
  • Stakeout the agreed design, to the accuracy of 1mm using our Total Base Station (Robotic Theodolite), providing you proceed with the cattleyards
  • Provide experience in designing, manufacturing and installing from over 3,000 different saleyards, feedlots, abattoirs and stockyards since 1984. Owning our own properties, and running cattle and sheep helps provide you with the advantage of assessing many DIFFERENT OPTIONS at work.
  • Advise and assist you with financing and planning the project in full or in stages over time.

As you can appreciate from the description here, our design service is comprehensive and meticulous, and entails an on-site visit by our design specialists. This service is FREE when you go ahead and purchase yards from the design (value of $3,000 or more per site). However, if you choose not to proceed or spend less than $3,000 per site, then there is a fee of $550 incl GST per site and the plans are yours to keep.

Cattle yards can be purchased in stages as a part of a LONG-TERM PLAN, or you can purchase the high density working area and build on holding yards in cheaper material to conserve costs while achieving your overall objectives.

You will collect the products.
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