Livestock Psychology

The foundation of any good stockyard design is the understanding of animal psychology.

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Understanding livestock behaviour will assist handling, reduce stress, and improve handler safety and animal welfare.

Sheep and cattle have recognised traits of behaviour that Atlex Stockyards utilise, in an advanced form, to make handling safer and less stressful on the stock and you. Some of the key traits to consider when designing and working in stockyards are animal flight zones & point of balance, vision, noise and follow the leader instincts.

The first major change to stockyard design using stock psychology was the development of bugle sheepyards around the 1950’s, but not taken up in any great quantity until the 1970’s.

For the last 30 years, the Atlex Design team have been using animal psychology as the underlying basis for all designs. With thousands of yards being designed and constructed, we have “real world” experience in knowing what works, what doesn’t and more importantly why.

Atlex has formed a close working relationship with Temple Grandin (Phd) and now combine the Temple Grandin Design Principals into all our yard designs. All designs are regularly peer reviewed between Temple Grandin and Ian Crafter.

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