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site-survey-opd_2new-1Which is especially beneficial when incorporating existing features into a new yard design or yard renovations such as sheds, fence lines, trees, dips, roads, holding yards and loading facilities. You may wish to have your new sheepyards or cattleyards Built in Stages with a Long-Term Plan in mind. Flexibility and working within your budget are our priorities while ensuring your new yards make stock work quicker, easier & safer.

Whether it is Naracoorte in South Australia, Tambellup in Western Australia, Lake Bolac in Victoria, Wellington in NSW or Cunnamulla in Queensland we will travel Australia wide to provide you with a customised stock handling facility.

Don’t risk getting it wrong as often or not If it is wrong now, it will be wrong for a lifetime, and that is hard work for you for 40-50 years. Don’t end up with a horror story that you are probably wanting to leave behind with your last set of yards.

Ian Crafter or Tom Austin will personally visit your site, all our designers and contractors have lifetime associations with sheep and cattle on their family properties. This is an important prerequisite giving them an affinity with both the customer and the products. Ian has over 30 years of industry knowledge plus prior experience on his own property and jackerooing, having drawn over 4,000 tailored designs and constructed over 3,000 yards since 1984, no other company has this breadth of experience.

With the introduction of a Robotic Total Station , we have the capability of having millimetre perfect details when locating existing structures during the initial site survey and for pegging/staking out all projects. Atlex was the first stockyard company to adopt this technology and remain the innovators.

Our computer-aided design, which Atlex pioneered in developing back in 1989, also allows for efficient and accurate designing of new small and large-scale projects, which is evident from our extensive client list. The success of our systems in practical use is well documented and attested to by many hundreds of happy customers.

Whether you are considering yard renovations or a complete new system, your design can incorporate the most innovative features such as adjustable tapered races for both sheep and cattle, 360° gate hinges, Manways with dog flaps, two-way sliding gates, Atlex spring release gate catches and raised walkways, all manufactured from high tensile galvanized pipe for extra strength and durability.

When you proceed with the yards Ian will return to stakeout where all your post holes are to be dug. There is nothing easy about getting every single hole perfectly located, but with our robotic theodolite it is so easy and accurate.

Our Follow-Up Service and Five-Year Product Guarantee ensures your stockyards meet and exceed your expectations of them now and into the future.

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