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11 Years’ Experience Robotic Total Base Station Technology from survey to construction

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Saving time and millimeter accuracy is the outcome of Atlex Stockyards using the Robotic Total Base Station (RTS) when surveying and staking out the design of your new yards.

Atlex was the first stockyard company to adopt this technology and remain the innovators. Merging of millimetre accurate surveying equipment with the latest stockyard, feedlot, saleyards & abattoir designs.

Atlex introduced the RTS because it accurately measures distances, works with heights, angles, co-ordinates, records, stores and uploads data all quickly and easily.

The Robotic Total Base Station (RTS) surveying equipment is used to survey the initial site to identify the exact positioning of any existing fence lines, roads, feed bunks, trees, buildings, water, air and power services etc.

The survey data is merged into the design layout with exact precision before construction commences. The design is then put back into the RTS survey equipment to stake out the exact post positioning of all structures with millimetre precision for construction.

Use of the RTS surveying equipment has given Atlex the ability to survey large areas of existing setups & new green field sites and has eliminated the use of manual measuring which limited accuracy of the survey.

This service can be used for not only new yard design but also for renovations of existing yard setups and planning for future services within an operation.

Atlex have completed over fifteen new feedlot surveys in the last few months ranging in size from 1,000 head to 48,000 head with distances up to 700 metres, all with millimetre accuracy.

Atlex was the Innovation Runner Up at the 2006 Australian Lot Feeders Association Awards for its implementation of the Robotic Total Base Station in feedlot surveying, designing & construction.

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