Adjustable Tapered Drafting Race with Draft Gates

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The Adjustable Tapered Drafting Race allows sheep and lambs to walk single file to the drafting gates, preventing the use of your knees to block. It also prevents sheep from turning around, or lambs coming beside the ewe. It can be widened for whatever reason. The adjustable tapered drafting can at least double the speed of drafting over conventional drafting races with the correct Atlex blind panel approach

Working Side/Operation
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  • All fully galvanised
  • 3.3m Long plus 1.6m long draft gates from centre to centre of in-ground posts (4960mm total length)
  • 600mm Wide at the top from centre to centre of in-ground posts
  • Can taper down to 200mm Wide at the bottom by use of the swivel bar
  • 50NB Posts (60mm Outside Diameter) are in the ground at least 625mm
  • Stands 1.0m High
  • Sheeted to 1.0m with 1.5mm thick galvanised sheet
  • Includes one Hawker Swing Tip Blocking Gate which quickly and discreetly blocks the adjustable drafting race. The Hawker gate neatly folds between two posts and then swings back flush along the outside of the race out of the way. It can be opened and closed easily in only 2-3 seconds without any chains or catches
  • Includes two 1.6m safety draft gates with looped handles to prevent sheep hitting your hands, includes 2 x 50NB Posts & Hinges

Option of Offside or Nearside operation

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