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Tom Austin from Atlex Stockyards reports that the buzz around at the moment is really how well lamb and mutton prices are holding with mutton getting over $3 and lamb $5 plus. Grain prices are good but a mixed result was experienced across the board on yield with some pockets better than average, while others were dismal.

These commodity prices and the recent good rain in most parts, has given many producers a much needed boost of confidence and many are choosing to reinvest in replacements or upgrades to their sheepyards, acknowledging that a relatively small investment in the livestock enterprise can achieve a good return on asset.

Bernie and Harrison Mulquiny from Wooroonook recently took delivery of a set of Atlex permanent sheep yards. This is a positive story of a young farmer having confidence in the industry, as Harrison has recently returned home to work on the mixed farm. He purchased some sheep to get started and Bernie has supported and encouraged him by investing in new yards.


The Atlex design service includes a Robotic site survey and peg out of the design prior to digging holes for construction. Tom Austin is pictured with Bernie pegging out the design using the Robotic Total Base Station to ensure accuracy in transferring the customised design to the site.

“Design is the service in which we specialise because it is the first and most important step to get right,” said Tom.

“The design should not be underestimated, and the purchase of a new set of well-designed Atlex Stockyards or an upgrade to an existing facility will, without any doubt, make your stockwork Quicker, Easier and Safer.”

“Great yards will ensure better management decisions, a safe, healthy and happy working environment and can even improve family dynamics. In order to encourage the younger generation to stay on the farm they need to feel positive about the future and see a commitment to investment in improvements and technology to make the business progressive, efficient and professional. Looking to the future, they want the stock to flow and every gate to swing and shut; days are gone of the old lift and carry,” said Tom.

Tom will be happy to walk you through the Atlex Design and Supply Process at the Atlex display on site at the Wimmera Machinery Field Days on 3rd, 4th and 5th March and the South East Field Days at Lucindale, on 20th and 21st March.


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