Best Value for Money

“As they say…it’s better to make a mistake on paper then in practice.  We spent hours using Ian and his design program to come up with yards that are exactly what we need.  Each site is different so has different…

Glad I invested in them

"Atlex are the Rolls Royce of stockyards and I am glad I invested in them given how much time and energy I spend in the yards. Getting the best yards is something that I am pleased to have invested in…

Excellent Service and Quality

"We were very satisfied with all aspects of the purchase of our Atlex stockyards. Excellent service and quality. We hope to deal with you again in the near future."

First class design and construction

"We love our new set of Atlex yards, the design and construction are first class and excellent value for money. Atlex were a fantastic company to deal with. We would recommend them to anyone looking for new yards to seriously…

We love our new yards!

"Highly recommend Atlex yards. Tom’s knowledge and ability to design a working set of yards around all of the quirks of our space was outstanding. Follow up has been very helpful and always great to deal with. We love our…

Fantastic Experience

“The yards work extremely well… The flexibility of the races makes the sheep really flow” “Working with the Atlex team was a fantastic experience. The expert input, from design to construction, was great… We’ll certainly use Atlex for our next…

We love the Manways

“The new Atlex yards sheep flow so easily and we love the manways, should have put more in”

Exceeded Expectations

“Atlex yards have exceeded all expectations including the flow of sheep, labour efficiencies, quality of materials and knowledge of Ian Crafter and his staff”

Ease of Operation

“We are very satisfied with the completed yards for the ease of operation, the stock run well in the race. They are well constructed & truck drivers like the swivel on the loading ramp, they can get square when backing…

Still as good as new

“We have had two sets of cattle yards and one long cattle race built by Atlex. The latter was built within existing yards and Ian did an excellent job integrating it. Our cattle have always worked very well in the…

Highly Recommend

“I am very happy with my new set of yards and would recommend Atlex to anyone who is thinking of upgrading their yards.”

Asset to Sheepyard Operation

“Atlex Sheepyards are a very valuable asset to our operation. Atlex Sheepyards have made sheep work a pleasure. It is still hard work but not a struggle with sheep, men & dogs. The yards have enabled us for one man…

Quality Throughout

“Atlex yards are quality in design, manufacture, erection and service, and in which sheep, dogs and I love working. 20 years too late though. Congratulations Ian and team”

User Friendly

“The yards are extremely strong and sturdy and very user friendly for stock movement. The step through man ways are great for older blokes and dogs, and the diamond pens allow sheep easy access in all directions throughout the yards”

Enjoyable to Work In

“I have worked in other yards that don’t have any of the features that Atlex yards provide and always find it very enjoyable to come home and work stock in our Atlex yards. Stock work is physically draining but with…

Great On-Property Design Service

“On-property design was the reason why I chose Atlex for our new sheep yards... the sheep move through the yards easily. I believe this is the result of the on-property design service. I wish that we had purchased these yards…

A Pleasure to Use

“We have been very pleased with the working and drafting race that Atlex installed for us a couple of years ago. The service from Ian Crafter and the construction team was excellent and the races are so well thought out,…

Safer and More-Workable

“The benefit of having an on property design was the input of someone with experience in yard design... The design makes the stock safer & more workable”

Quicker and Safer

“Our new Atlex cattleyards are at least twice as quick and much safer”

Best Money Ever Spent

“The yards are fantastic! The best money we have ever spent. We were just so impressed at how quick it was to get our new sheepyards marked out and up and running... We’d have to say four days is pretty…

Great After-Sales Service

“As a husband and wife team, we are able to handle large numbers of sheep without stress or worry to us or the dogs thanks to our great Atlex yards. Atlex after sales service is second to none. Ian Crafter…

Delivered an extremely high quality

“The Atlex staff have provided excellent service from our 1st introduction to the completed job all our expectations were met and they have delivered an extremely high quality set of cattle yards"

I am once again amazed

Our 4th set of Atlex yards are now 6 months old and I am once again amazed at how much quicker and easier our stock work has become – less time, less labour, less stress

The drafting is fast

We did not imagine that the investment we were about to make in our new Atlex yards would have such a big impact on our sheep operation. Working with sheep is now an absolute pleasure. No stress, more efficient, and…

Excellent Job

I decided to bite the bullet and make sure it worked properly and we are very satisfied with the result.

Excellent services

“The total experience of dealing with Atlex – from first contact to final installation – has been excellent – given we are in Carnamah in WA. Original planning and follow up for changes was very easy”