3D visualisation bringing Atlex Stockyards to life

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An exciting new feature is coming to Atlex designs, where draft designs will be able to be seen, easily understood and imagined using 3D visualisation. Here is a little sneak peek!

Your 2D draft design can be transformed from this…

Into this 3D representation



Individual features can be highlighted


3D visualisation helps brings the design to life and gives you a better sense of how the design will function. We prove a link to an online version of the 3D visualisation which provides the added benefit of being able to move, zoom, pan and rotate the 3D design with the ability to see the design from all aspects.

If you would like to book an On Property Design with one of our other Stockyard Designers and see your new yard design come to life in 3D please call us on 1800 805 292.

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