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Wednesday January 30, 2019

Good Design the Answer to Beating the Heat

I read an article in The Land on Thursday with regards to farmers’ working conditions in the current ‘severe’ heat (p. 80).  The article referenced one Assistant Manager who was starting at 4am to beat the heat, and by 8am was “already halfway through drafting 800 sheep.”
Tuesday December 11, 2018 Tuesday December 11, 2018

Farming Futures: it’s looking bright!

Angela Cummins reflects on the state of the Australian agricultural industry and believes there is a bright future ahead of us with strong commodity prices, new technology and a new generation coming through.
Tuesday September 25, 2018 Tuesday September 11, 2018

5 Reasons Why We Love Being A Stockyard Designer

When we look to hire new people, referrals are gold. The same goes for applying for a job. People often ask people they know and trust what they think of a brand or what they’ve heard about working for a certain company.
Friday July 13, 2018

Renewed sheep interest drives yard renaissance

IT'S an exciting time to be a wool and meat producer with high demand and strong seasons driving up prices. According to Atlex Stockyards principal stockyard designer Ian Crafter these strong conditions have seen a swing from cropping to sheep and driving a once-in-a-generation sheepyard infrastructure renaissance.
Friday June 8, 2018 Thursday April 26, 2018

Precision yard designs (The Land)

PRECISION, animal psychology and intergenerational change are driving interest and implementation of new and improved yard systems in sheep and cattle production systems.

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