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ACY 60

ACY 60

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  • Atlex Two-Way sliding gate for flexibility
  • Atlex Step Through Safety Manway for easy navigation
  • Atlex Overhead bracing on 3.3m gateway providing additional strength
  • Ability to draft on exit from crush
  • Atlex Gates have non-bruise Universal Slam Shut Gate Catches which don’t protrude into bruise zone
  • Holding capacity: 80 – 300kg Steers, 40 – 600kg Cows


  • Non-Slip raised walkway to allow safe access to cattle
  • Atlex Tapered Working race to prevent cattle turning
  • Incorporate existing features such as sheds, fence lines or trees
  • Make provision for stockhandling equipment – either now or in the future
  • Add a cattle loading ramp, designed to your preferred access


For more information - stockyards@atlex.com.au | 1800 805 292