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ASY 870

ASY 870

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  • Atlex Adjustable Tapered Drafting Race
  • Atlex Smooth Top Working Race
  • Atlex Safety Manway for easy navigation
  • Atlex 360 degree hinges fold flush against fence on both sides to prevent sheep wedging behind gate
  • Atlex Safety Draft Gates with looped, bent handles to prevent hands slamming
  • Atlex Hawker Tip – Swing Block Gate swings back neatly and sits flush along race out of the way, with no chains or catches
  • Working capacity 748 – 897 (excluding draft pens)


  • Design independent work stations to allow at least two simultaneous operations
  • Incorporate existing features such as woolshed, fence lines, dip or trees
  • Make provision for stockhandling equipment – either now or in the future
  • Add a sheep loading ramp, designed to your preferred access
  • Incorporate toe recess for raised working area


For more information - stockyards@atlex.com.au | 1800 805 292